Foods to Cut for the Perfect Smile

Although brushing our teeth is a good way to ensure oral hygiene, it only does part of the job. Certain types of food can play havoc on our teeth and gums and can lead to major problems if consumed too often. Here are some of the foods that you should avoid if you want to make sure that your mouth stays as healthy as possible:

Hard Candies

In addition to being full of sugar, hard candies can cause chipped or damaged teeth and should be avoided.

Chewy Candy

This type of candy not only attacks the teeth with its high levels of sugar and acid, but it can also become stuck in between your teeth, leading to tooth decay. If you think you are safer switching from hard candy to chewy candy, think again.

Citrus Fruit

This might smile_girlcome as a bit of a surprise to many people. Although the vitamin C in citrus fruit such as grapefruits and lemons can be beneficial for your body, the acids in t
his type of fruit can destroy your teeth. However, studies have shown that orange juice is much less acidic so drinking a glass of fortified orange juice is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin C, as long as you remember to brush your teeth directly afterwards.


This type of food is high in acid, especially if it has been pickled in vinegar. In fact, people who eat pickles more than once a day have an 85% increase of suffering from tooth decay.


This is one of the leading culprits of tooth decay and many of us know that we should limit our consumption of fizzy drinks such as cola for various health reasons. However, diet sodas are just as harmful, so don’t be fooled into making this substitution if you want a healthy mouth.