Foods that Double as Beauty Supplies

pexels-photo-139751It is a well-known fact that a lot of money is spent on beauty supplies, and that there are a multitude of them on the market available to choose from. A great way of cutting the cost for these items down, and actually in many cases getting much better results is simply to go to the kitchen cupboard and look for those few precious foods that can double as beauty supplies.

Oatmeal and Sugar

One very popular skincare product is facial scrubs. These can be expensive to buy and often contain a lot of chemicals. A natural solution within the food category that will work just as well is a mixture of oatmeal and sugar to which other natural ingredients can be added to it. One favorite is the use of some Aloe Vera oil that can be garnered from one of the home version plants for this.

Coconut oil and your Hair

For individuals that suffer with dry hair that splits making it hard to manage, a quick cure for this can be found in the kitchen cupboard provided there is a bottle of coconut oil to be found there. All it takes is melting some of this oil down to a luke warm temperature and then applying it directly to the hair-ends, and leaving it sit there for about an hour. Then following this, a good shampooing is required after which the hair will definitely show some positive results.

Natural Foundation

For those who have difficulty finding the perfect color of foundation or bronzer, it can be easily done with arrowroot powder as the base and then adding a specific amount of cocoa powder to get a tan to brown tone. Or, some finely ground cinnamon to give it reddish hues, and finally using turmeric powder for creating a yellow pigment. This will complement almost any skin tone.

These are just a few of the simple food staples that can be used as beauty enhancements at far lesser cost.